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the Body; your unique Vessel for Play
Excerpt from Book 2; the Edge of Marbles ~ an Evolving Truth; with the Divine We
"Another interesting point about energy, in my mind, is that it flows through you; through all the beliefs, thoughts, reactions, events, plus accumulative experiential attachments; energetic imprints that accompany you, within your sphere of awareness, at any given time. 
You either cling to them or not, you either let them define your identity or not.  This translates into whether energy flows freely or as a trickle.  You are not your experiences, rather be the vessel, like a straw in the flow of source, therein you are ever topped up and ready, in each moment, for all the beauty within and without.  When we cling to all that other stuff, that has no business in the moment, we miss the moment.  That, in my opinion, is the biggest shame of all.  Remember the ebb and flow of source energy and intention.  In any given moment, you exercise free will; you accept or you release.  You add to the flow or you hinder the flow, through clinging or not. 
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In any given moment, even as that which is presented to you is definitely not what you desire, to the point of a physical cringing, re-balance yourself.  Intend an ease, love and light, even calmness and safety, for all and then release all resistance to this intention.  Release the intention itself, up to your divine friends, using yourself as the GPS point of awareness, in time and space.  Then, allow this new intention within yourself, knowing that your intention has been heard and accepted.  Hand it over to your divine friends.  Ask for light, love, ease and even a suspension of disbelief, for all involved, towards that which is intended, to be held, as the energies of light and love ebb and flow, for you, for all, for the situation, for the greatest good.  Then tend to yourself, to your personal physical existence; everything adds to the total flow of the energies, including your actions supporting your intentions.
Once you start playing more and more with the energy, it is so important to honour and cherish yourself and your physical body, which is your vessel for this amazing journey.  Similar to a vehicle, to whom you administer the right fluids in the right amounts, as required, for maintenance and peak performance, so allow this same attention to yourself, in the moments, so as not to be overwhelming.  Allowing for flow, even through what you drink and how much ~ dehydrating or hydrating ~ a few drops or a full flush; through what you eat and how much ~ bulky cleaning agents like fibre (apples and carrots) or gooey sticky substances like peanut butter.  Think of the straw and how the foods flush through your system.  Think of the added nutrients or those substances that counter-act nutrients, whether in the preparation phase or the end result in your digestive system.  Are they for you or against you?  Are you aiding in the flow or slowing it down with sludge?
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To note: if you are eating something which you would term 'bad' for you, question who it is you are trying to spite, on whatever level, and in the end, is it worth it?  It is your body and your temple; your vessel for your amazing self.  You still have much light and love to shine from within all of your moments.  Have a clear conversation with yourself, intend to feel better, ask for guidance so that you can easily, with clarity and self-love lean towards supporting this intention.  If a thought pops into your head, or a craving, as I like to follow, indulge it and see how you feel.  Sometimes the best bet is chicken noodle soup, other times it is a couple of pieces of fresh fruit, that are so satisfying and refreshing with a hint of sweetness, that you receive them as total decadence.  Sometimes a chunk of black chocolate melting in your mouth, with sensual abandon, is a delight not to be missed.  This is the point, be honest with yourself, balance yourself, be truthful in what you eat and allow for the ebb and flow. 
Beating yourself up while you eat, for what you eat, does not sound like the easiest route to happiness, does it ? As you add judgments to that which you eat, you are fastening them to you, which translate into physical poundage, unnecessary mental luggage and energetic blocks.  Let your food and your thoughts about food flow, allow for the ebb and flow of the new intention to assimilate.  If you are stuck in the cycle of beating yourself up for something you just ate, just get up, drink some water and move around enough, so that this self-remonstration abates, or you feel like you have countered any effects of slower flow. Whenever you start in on yourself, what would make it better? ~ do that.
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Notice as you start to get more and more cravings, for those foods and liquids which will add to the flow; which will increase your ease and desire for movement, which also increases the flow and before you know it, you are feeling better.  Kind of neat how that works, and without much effort, if you are easy with it. Just a seemingly easy series of small urges which you act on, smiling all the while, nodding as you realize you are getting it. You are now participating in the flow, how cool is that? In your awareness of it, this too expands. There are some foods which naturally neutralize less than desirable effects of other foods, like a counter-balance; which allows you, to treat yourself to special delights as well. Some people, like me, really enjoy real butter, once in awhile, be it on popcorn or something else.  Rather than admonish or limit myself from my once in awhile treat, I make it an event.
I happily plan my buttery popcorn; garnished with curry and cayenne pepper, a ginger ale and a favourite movie.  I enjoy every mouthful, to the very end, even dipping my fingers into the remaining concoction of spices and residual butter.  I lick my lips and savour the light fullness and the richness of the experience.  Within 30 minutes, I floss my teeth, drink a glass of water and grab a couple of tomatoes, whole.  I wash them and get comfortable for the rest of my movie.  This too is a wonderful treat for me.  I enjoy the coolness of the water as it slides down my throat and the full taste of freshness and explosive juice, mixed with chewy fibrous deliciousness is a perfect balance to the salt, which was perhaps a bit dehydrating.  Down in my tummy, the acid from the tomatoes is balancing out the butter.  It’s a win win situation.  Very indulgent and decadent, for me, with great enjoyment; supportive of my intention to love myself and enjoy my moments.  Allow your actions to support your intentions."
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"There is so much love and light for you all, and so so so much support. You are here. You are awesome. We love you.
~ the Divine We”
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These texts do not presume to be medical advice, replace medical advice, nor advocate against it or condemn it. These texts represent solely my experiences and guidance I have received in regards to it. For those of you currently partaking in a beneficial plan put together by your medical practitioners, please continue.  If this is working well for you, that is great and wonderful.  Prior to making any changes in your current regimen, I do urge you to consult with medical professionals, as required. 
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