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Money; re-Framing what you OWE
Excerpt from Book 2; the Edge of Marbles ~ an Evolving Truth; with the Divine We
"In regards to those who bind you with limitations regarding money, whether from your mis-conceptions or theirs, through all time and space. 
Realize that if you ‘owe’ them money, whether you actually do, or simply feel the pressure of this; this creates a Belief that 'First, you have to pay them back'. If it feels like an overwhelming amount, this can stop you, before you start.
If you have been led to believe this, for our purposes here, appoint a dollar value, which you could assign to them, to balance it out and remove all cause for their limitations towards you, (or even of your own limitations which you have created for yourself in regards to this). 
Then write these amounts down; yep, each and every one; ledger style.  Especially in those instances where a person seemingly sabotages your every effort at success, with reminders of what you owe; even if these are simply pressure points you yourself have created, concerning these situations.
Just assign an amount that feels fair to you, at this time. 
It can be adjusted later.
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Contract that you will award each of them a % of your earnings until the debt is paid.  {NOTE: this is an exercise just for you, it does not have to be shared or actually implemented with another.}
$10 @ 1% = 10 cents
$100 @ 1% each = $1
$50,000 @ 1%  = $500
{at this point you may allow for a lump sum payout to cut all ties, forever more.  Once you have all the information down, you can re-write it, and tweak it, in whatever way makes you feel better about it. Just play loosely with your parameters around this, the point is to re-frame it, so YOU feel better about it.}
If you feel, or are made to feel, like you owe someone some thing, this vibration keeps you in a place of “fear of earning”, for it will be taken away.  What’s the point?  This is not a very hopeful or expansive feeling. You end up playing small, so as not be be noticed, not to be robbed; and other examples of this 'less than' direction of the vibration you seek.

If you appoint a % amount to each person ‘owed’.  You put a cap on it.  You decide the amount, and when it will be paid.  You reclaim your power.  This switches up the vibration and gives the power of the situation back to you, within the intent of making money. 
Now your success is your gain, and you can minimize their impact and yet it is still their gain, as well as many others.  Put the OWE into it's piddly squat perspective and focus on the many you can help with your money; more = more = more. Lean into visions of you helping yourself MORE and of you helping others MORE which makes you feel truly wonderful; enough wonderful, hopeful feelings to carry you over any little bits of discomfort that may linger.  Money is simply a tool so you can be an even bigger Source of Service to others; including yourself, your upkeep and your lifestyle that keeps you topped up, so you can Serve to the best of your abilities; whatever that requires. Do you want to do MORE of all of this? This re-framing tips the balance back to the Source within you. 
You need never show any other the contract. Remember this is for you; managing your vibration around money; which benefits everyone.  This process is so that you can soften and easily set aside the connection of 'them taking money from you'.  Adopt the point of power that ‘it is your money’ and you can pay it out as you wish, to whom you wish.
You are moving into the vibration that ‘it is good to succeed’, and that money is your friend and that none can take it from you, without your permission; OR your Blessing. 
You are safe to make more than enough money.
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Basically what we're doing in regards to money is that we are leveling the playing field and we are shifting the vibration in the other direction.  We position it in such a way (even if just in our own perception at first ~ which is most powerful) that the more we succeed, the better it is for us and them; as opposed to controlling another through force, which once again, though you realize it or not, is just another tactic devised for control. 
Let us clear that up right now, money is not control.  Money is merely an exchange of energy.  Without the implied limitations, money is just money and it is quite lovely, and it is limitless and there is an endless supply for all, including you.
Do they truly not deserve the money, have they stolen enough money from you, and now perhaps, you truly feel ‘enough is enough’?  Choose ‘this ends NOW!’ You control your money.
If you are making $50,000.00 and allotting 1% to them, you can hire a lawyer to deal with all those issues of justice.  So, leave it alone for now, stick with the contract, put it on the shelf, or the back folder in your filing cabinet.  You may desire to simply give them the $500 and be done with it, with a ‘lawyer action’ that it is truly done. 
The point is, that in the big scheme of things, this is such a minute detail, they are a mere speck on the wall; release the garbage that is all of this, because it is keeping you from stepping into who you really are.  There is much goodness to be created, let’s get to it, NOW.
You can re-position the negative attachment you have with another, by alloting 0.5% in the name of each person to whom you 'owe', (or whom have done you wrong, in regards to money, through all time and space) to your favourite charity.  This intention not only clears all those limiting beliefs, but helps your favourite charity; win-win.  And the pressure is off, for 0.5% is not much at all; in the universal bank.  Or even 0.25% ~ when you make $1000, you will be thrilled to donate your $25 to your charity, or whomever.  How Charitable are you ~ giving money to others; what a lovely thing to do. You are making so much money that you can afford to give money to others. {Does this feel better to you?}
This is doable.  In the beginning you can even have amounts as low as 0.25 %  ~ that’s 25 cents, or a quarter, for each $100 you make.  That is negligible and not something worth suffering over.  But it is enough to deal with changing your vibration about money. 
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To do this at home, you can simply have jars with a person’s name on it, or your charity’s name on it.  Slowly you can start making a point of adding quarters, or even pennies, to the jars after each sale.  Or if you wish, after each sale – expenses, which would be truer to a business sense as a percentage of ‘profits’.  Practice this and see if you can raise your vibration about money.  The point is that this vibration over limitations of money is not about an amount.  The amount is easy ~ either way.  It’s the vibration you are feeling and emitting that counts. 
Frame it in such a way, in your mind, that the situation you most fear is dealt with in a manner that is pleasing to you ~ that you feel good about.  Answer all of your concerns in the solution and you will happily realize that some of the concerns have simply vanished.  Then pick a visible and doable action that supports the new vibration. Yes, you get to choose your vibration and then support it. Now the switch has been made, the more money you make, the more they have to gain + the more good you can do, because let’s face it, after you pay ‘them’ you still have 99.9975% to facilitate great goodness for yourself and for others.
If push comes to shove, sign the contract with them, so that it is obvious to them that their ‘efforts to sabotage you’ is only hurting them.  If they are putting you on the spot about money, put them on the spot about money.  Let them know, that this is the deal for now, and that it can be re-negotiated in 2-3 years (by then you will be very comfortable within your new vibration of money).  You never know their greedy little ego might just become your very best supporter.  Or they may simply fall off the edge of your awareness. 
Either way; win, win, win, win and win.
While we are on this subject, you need to lean into doing this with loving gratitude for the lesson you have now received, for your ability to recognize and switch up the vibration in your awareness.  You must release all blame, for them or for yourself; for allowing them to limit your beliefs.  You have the lesson now, which is all that matters.  Finally, gratefully and with love in your heart for all that is and all that is being intended right now, for you; your stage ~ all about you ~ in this, too; your wondrous Adventure.
Remember, to start with, you can make the contract within the safety and comfort of your own space, no one else need know, and quite frankly this is your stage, and this one is ALL about you.  The key is to change up the vibration prior to action, unless the action supports the new vibrational direction.  You can mull over the change of the vibration and all those attached thoughts, observing where the resistance lays and release those within the comfort of your own home, practicing the vibration on that which is around you, now. 
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While you are pointed in this new direction, with an increased vibration on the subject of money, set up a few more jars on your mantle or bookshelf ~ one for trips, one for treats, one for spa days, one for your house, etc, etc, etc.  As you start to fill up your jars with quarters and you see the visible increase in the moneys, you are acquiring, you are literally watching your money grow. 
Practice this, even with pennies and smaller jars, and watch the ripples of your intention solidify. 
You get to make loads of dollars to do great things, for your greater good and the greater good of all.
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Here is one more revelation to solidify your willingness to switch up your money vibration.
The knowledge is that the belief is within your evolving Truth, within the balance of source. This means first and foremost, you get to choose your beliefs. 
So, on this premise about money, know that by contracting amounts of $$ (%) to those whom you feel an attachment with, it can not only stifle negative limitations, it can also create new possibilities. 
Many of us simply learn to be content with releasing the negativity.  Releasing the negativity or negative connotations on any subject is terrific, but now, from this vantage point of the source within you, elevate this to limitless possibilities. 
If limitations exist, so do limitless possibilities; just as easily. 
So, relating this back to the money contracts, the more people who are involved (even in your mind) in the contract, also strengthen the vibration.  You no longer OWE anyone.  But you can certainly GIVE to many.  It's like breathing out the LOVE; creating a vacuum inside of you, which is re-filled instantaneously and automatically. And if you continue to breathe out the love all around, you are now in the zone of endless supply; focusing only on that which you choose to breathe the love out onto ~ which coincidentally, LOOK at that;  even more ‘lovely’ with your guided breath of love."
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"There is so much love and light for you all, and so so so much support. You are here. You are awesome. We love you.
~ the Divine We”
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