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Excerpt from Book 1; the Edge of Marbles ~ from the Ground Up; with the Divine We
“Some of the information you read, watch, hear, ingest as you probe into the topic of ‘energy and source’, may fly right into your face, raising all sorts of resistance, that may simply mean that this ‘issue’ may well be one that you should address in your own life experiences, past or present.  Another awesome aspect of Source energy, your higher self, soul self and your greatest good, is that ‘if’ the issue is one that you really need to deal with, it will keep cycling back and repeating itself in your life, until you do pay attention to it.  This is what is meant ‘for your greatest good and soul growth’.  This never fails, and you may ignore this if you choose, but if you start to get annoyed in your awareness as a similar incident shows up again and again in your life and circumstances, take a closer look.
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Also to note, it may not necessarily be with the same players, topics or even location, rather it may be a recurring feeling.  What is common within these incidents or people, that I often end up feeling this way?  What is this feeling?  Where does this feeling come from?  These are the questions to ask, and it is always about you, about something within the vibration you are focused on, the feeling.  Always look to the essence of what is going on, pare it down to the skeleton of truth, the fewer words the better, for increased clarity.  Whenever you get tired of the repetitive patterns, simply take a closer look and see what is really going on.  For example, a sore neck is a metaphysical sign of stubbornness; tightness ~ unable or unwilling to look around ~ see or accept other points of view ~ it could also mean that even as you are willing to release something from your past, you keep craning your neck back around to look at it.  You keep holding it in your vibration.  Therefore it keeps coming back around.  Are you stubborn about this?  Are you crossing your arms right now, fuming, knowing it is ‘their’ fault?
If you get tired of the pain in the neck perhaps it is time for a pause.  Look at it, pare it down to the bones, and choose if you wish to hold onto it or not.  Make a choice then support yourself in that choice.  It helps to remind yourself that ‘this’ is just a thing, it is not you, it does not define you, be the observer and know that you are well, they are well and all is well.
I have practiced and experienced a variety of ‘pain in the neck’ issues.  Whenever it really grabs my attention, I examine what patterns are resurfacing in my life, and I get to decide if this is the day, I finally deal with it and fully release it, once and for all.  Some issues are deeper and may have a few layers, so if the issue keeps coming around and you are releasing that which no longer serves you, note that perhaps you are reacting less to it, meaning the emotions are not so acute.  When you can think upon the situation and any persons involved, with an absence of negative emotion, perhaps even gratitude, for the experience itself and that you finally recognized and released it, as the observer of something that happened, but no longer holds sway over you.
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The benefit of releasing stubbornness towards a person, idea, situation or circumstance even if it seems personal, is that you also release the vibration of this that makes you feel this way, thus clearing your future path from this type of vibration, and all those unwanted feelings that surface whenever it is mirrored back to you.  If the vibration no longer exists in you, you will no longer have a need to notice it, herein is the growth.  Think of all that time and energy you just freed up to have more fun!  What type of fun things can we do?  Would that be worth it?  Does that feel lighter?
The following is an example, to highlight the fact, that it is more about the feeling, which indicates the vibration, rather than the details.  The real reason you should forgive everyone for everything, including yourself, is to release the vibration of unforgiveness within you, and thereby stop the merry-go-round of incidents that would also keep appearing in your future, betrayals and such, putting you in yet another situation in which you feel the resistance to forgiving.  So, just step up to the table and FORGIVE, be done with it, and move on.  (There is an easier process, and the perspective is an energetic one, the ego perspective on this is fraught with holding you in the vibration, I know this from experience.)  It is never about the details, truth be told, it is about the vibration.  And source supports whatever vibration you wish to practice, in offering up circumstances which confirm your current beliefs. 
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  To note: for those of you wanting more information on this subject, I will be introducing a few trusted friends on ‘the Divine We’ Facebook page, who specialize in a variety of subjects and processes.  This is offered to give you the knowledge that if you seek support, to support you along the way of your path, there is much support for you, in whatever means you seek, for your greatest good and the greatest good of all.  
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I am not a fan of the hard-sell, for it is more complicated and thwarted with ego-bound limitations; I prefer guidance from source, way easier for me and for you.  In the pool of ‘all is well’, if there is an asking, indeed there will be relevant guidance offered.  If you feel guided to the gift they offer, there will be room to engage with them and decide for yourself, along the way, based on what feels good for you.  I urge you to continue reading these offerings, and practicing that which you feel inclined to practice, for it may well contain much that resonates for you, reminding yourself of how wonderful you are, and some of those incidents which mar your existence at this point in time, may, lighten, soften, even dissolve or be replaced by a deeper knowing that is more relevant to you.  So rather than rush into the wagon of ‘fixing yourself, for you are broken’, let us for a time, re-focus and allow ourselves to be reminded that we are magnificent and wonderful and whole, right here and right now.  Let us relax and lean into feeling better.
For now, know that you are in good hands; it is only a matter of allowing this to be true for you.  Take a moment and stretch up in gratitude and a willingness to allow the awareness that you are supported and loved, right here and right now.
Moving towards that which you wish, that which feels good, releasing all other vibrations, even as they come up, to the point where subjects that previously raised your hackles, now merely enter into the distant realms of your awareness.  You notice with a mere nod, as you wish it on its way; in this you have become the observer.  This equals growth, so go ahead and smile.  If you are not here yet, on some areas of your existence, go ahead and smile anyways, for you now understand a bit more about how it all works, along with the processes including ebbs and flow; the acceptance and joyful celebration of who you are, and why you are here, surrounded by those who signed on to play with you this time around.  It truly is a wonderful divine dance.
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For me, in the shadows of my awareness is the knowledge that the ‘source’ of my sore neck happened 23-ish years ago when I tried to stop myself, on a dime, with my face; an incident of which I have no recollection, and which if I think upon it, baffles me.  My 15 speed Peugeot bicycle were my ‘wheels’ for over a decade, at the time, allowing me to travel upwards of 35km a day, when I was not skiing.  I cannot recollect or even imagine what state of mind, or dominant thoughts were present in my life at the time, which contributed to the mysterious series of events that has led me here.  By all accounts, I was really living my dream to the fullest, with ease and much joy, which is perhaps what keeps me going, knowing it is possible, knowing I lived it.  Even so, I must have faith, which I regularly top up with exercises and practices of being myself within my source, which is beyond wonderful, and joyous and lovely and light.
Perhaps somewhere along the path, I shall encounter the person who I thought I was, or even the person who knows more about me, than I do at this time.  Perhaps all will be revealed, perhaps not.  I have certainly accepted the fact that all I need to know is already known to me, or easily accessible within my grasp of source.  Curiousity of what unfolds within each moment will serve to keep me occupied, minding my own QPs, and dancing as often as possible.  And indeed, all is well, what other choice is there?  The rest is just details; I have what I have right now, and know what I know right now.  I choose which I focus on and I accept that all is well, even as I dream and desire and learn and grow, ever expansive and exponentially joyful in all of my moments. That which I seek is before me, not behind me, so let’s get going, because if it is anything like the past 50 years, this is going to be exciting and I fully intend to be present.”
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"There is so much love and light for you all, and so so so much support. You are here. You are awesome. We love you.
~ the Divine We”
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These texts do not presume to be medical advice, replace medical advice, nor advocate against it or condemn it. These texts represent solely my experiences and guidance I have received in regards to it. For those of you currently partaking in a beneficial plan put together by your medical practitioners, please continue.  If this is working well for you, that is great and wonderful.  Prior to making any changes in your current regimen, I do urge you to consult with medical professionals, as required. 
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