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the Divine We's Multi-Dimensional Master Course
Part 1 Class 8
~ Crystals and your Chakras
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VIDEO Part 1 Class 8
Crystals & your Chakras
13 minutes
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    • Crown Chakra
    • 3rd Eye Chakra
    • Throat Chakra
    • Heart Chakra
    • Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Sacral Chakra
    • Root Chakra
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c P1 C8 3 CraC 3rd Eye
d P1 C8 4 CraC Throat
e P1 C8 5 CraC Heart
f P1 C8 6 CraC Solar Plexus
g P1 C8 7 CraC Sacra
h P1 C8 8 CraC Root
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"There is so much love and light for you all, and so so so much support.

You are here. You are awesome. We love you. ~ the Divine We”

  NOTE: at this time, Reiki is not recommended for those with Diabetes Type 1, or with a pacemaker. Reiki affects the vibrational energies, including blood sugar levels. In taking this course, you assume full responsibility for your allowed outcome and experience. This is free will. Please contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.  
These texts do not presume to be medical advice, replace medical advice, nor advocate against it or condemn it. These texts represent solely my experiences and guidance I have received in regards to it. For those of you currently partaking in a beneficial plan put together by your medical practitioners, please continue.  If this is working well for you, that is great and wonderful.  Prior to making any changes in your current regimen, I urge you to consult with medical professionals. 
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