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Expanding your Beliefs
Excerpt from Book 1; the Edge of Marbles ~ from the Ground Up; with the Divine We
“Sometimes we have a number of emotional bindings that keep us from fully engaging in a chosen belief that we momentarily embrace in ecstasy, oftentimes followed by thoughts of how it will affect the others. These thoughts that creep in, practiced thoughts perhaps, practiced feelings of guilt, loyalty, fear, are what keeps us from that which we seek.
In your own inner heart, if you thought upon your loved ones, or your friend, or even a stranger ~ if this person experienced an event so wonderful, joyful and unbelievably brilliant ~ say even winning the lottery ~ anyone can do that ~ how do you feel about it?
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      Practice this exercise. Pick 3-5 people. Imagine the above or similar scenario, with adequate details for your own level of comfort, for the exercise. For each person write down how you would feel. Write down what you would say to them. Write down how you really feel about it. Be very honest here. Write down as much as comes to your mind. You may well end up with 2 pages; the deeper you are willing to expand here; the more revealing it will be to you. Once you are finished, walk away, take a break, and get some distance. How do you feel? Take note of this, and start being aware, at random times, how you really feel.  
Now come back to the paper you wrote. Before reading it, think on it loosely, and how do you feel, picturing your friend winning the Lottery ~ hopeful, happy, inspired, mad or depressed?
Now, as you re-read your pages, can you re-read your words and feel the feeling behind them? What other thoughts pop into your head as you re-read what you wrote. Use a different colored pen and write additional comments, look for any root causes that come to the surface. Is there an underlying theme that develops? If you could sum up your reactions displayed in pages, in one or two traits, what would they be? Are these the traits you wish to aspire to? If you wish to aspire to a new trait, how would the new trait tint your reaction to the news of your friend winning the Lottery? Can you now re-write your reaction, as you would be proud of yourself, talking to your friend after their recent winning? Can you feel the difference? Does it feel more expansive and light? Can you be aware of the old issues that arise in you, and in the moments you choose to change your thoughts and patterns surrounding the issue?
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Oftentimes, situations, persons and experiences unfolding around us can teach us about ourselves. Perhaps we have long since accepted habitual responses as per the norm, within our geographical and societal perceived reality. The trick here, is that now that you know; you have a choice and now you know that it always stems from within you. You are the key player in all that transpires in your life. In the above exercise, for those of you who took the time to examine yourself and your thoughts honestly, the way you react to others, is oftentimes the way you are reacting to yourself. The truth you hold for others, is the truth you hold for yourself.
The saying, “love others as you love yourself” can also be flipped to “condemn others as you condemn yourself.” There is much truth in this, “treat others as you would treat yourself”, not necessarily for them, but for yourself. If you demean another, you demean yourself. If you take from another, you take from yourself. If you love another, you love yourself. We truly are, all of us, of the same source, even if the physicality and habitual presence here on earth would endeavour to convince us otherwise.
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"There is so much love and light for you all, and so so so much support. You are here. You are awesome. We love you.
~ the Divine We”
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