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Expanding into the Direction of your Desire
Excerpt from Book 3; the Edge of Marbles ~ Integration; with the Divine We
  I often receive cartoon-ish image understandings with the knowings I receive.  
“Many, it would seem, think that a desire ~ a single string of detailed words is to be the focus.
Oftentimes something in that vein is delivered, but because we are so focused on the rehearsed details, we miss it.  {Bear with me, as I try to illustrate this image with words. And as you do, let an image be created for you.}
I have long been practicing that the desire is a direction. That we are in essence like a blob of focused energy. Like a slug moving forward in a direction. It is not about the speed. But the magnificence of the slug is that as it moves forward, it’s hind end also moves forward.
We on the other hand, tend to move forward in many directions, and even as we move forward, we leave many many attachments trailing out behind us, thus spreading our energies and our intentions and our desires, creating a secondary career of distraction as we keep adding to our plate, whilst still trying trying to manage all those places we’ve been.
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If you feel tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, spread out; quite possibly you have every right to be, even more tiresome is that you are too busy managing this second career of distraction, to fully engage in your new brilliant chosen path that ever beckons. Try, just for the sake of experimenting with what works for you, to approach each segment of your day, project, relationships, etc, as a separate entity. As the ‘time’ comes to an end for that ‘project’; set it on the shelf, with clarity, and set it to your guides, that for this moment it is done. Tidy up all the strings surrounding it, even if that is to pull them all back up into the box. Ask your angels and guides to shine love and light on it, and all those involved, including you, for your greatest good. Then shut the lid.
Then take a break and move onto the next segment. Thus in each moment you are present, surrounded, loved and tapped into this infinite conversation with your angels and guides who truly are supporting you, more than you can even realize. Move onto the next segment or project. If things get stagnant, then pack up that box too, placed on the shelf of infinite divine support, love and light. At the end of each segment, you also receive this shower of love. The end of your day, (whichever time you choose) is the end of your day; always KNOW that it was a good day, necessary for what is coming up next.
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Be grateful that you experienced the flow of the process. Even if it does not seem like much is happening in your physical, your action here is matched by behind the physical scenes support. The universe is conspiring. It is during your non-working segments, when you are joyfully in the flow for the sole purpose of joy, that the percolation is occurring. You can be sure of this by the various symptoms your body expresses, tiredness, thirsty, dry mouth, a surge of energy, a surge of clarity; whichever craving comes up into your awareness. If you feel like a nap, take a nap. If you feel like a walk, take a walk. If you are thirsty, drink. If you get an awesome idea, jot it down or simply recognize it and ask your guides to remind you the next time you are at your desk. And always, as often as possible, yell out
'Hallelujah, I am the experiment.
Woooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo.'

"There is so much love and light for you all, and so so so much support. You are here. You are awesome. We love you.
~ the Divine We”

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These texts do not presume to be medical advice, replace medical advice, nor advocate against it or condemn it. These texts represent solely my experiences and guidance I have received in regards to it. For those of you currently partaking in a beneficial plan put together by your medical practitioners, please continue.  If this is working well for you, that is great and wonderful.  Prior to making any changes in your current regimen, I do urge you to consult with medical professionals, as required. 
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