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Clean up your Space
Excerpt from Book 1; the Edge of Marbles ~ from the Ground Up; with the Divine We
A physical and symbolic gesture for me is always a good (GOD) cleaning of my space. Shed some light on papers, books, clothing, accessories ~ unpack them into prominence, and/or pack them for recycling to other persons in need. Move the energy ~ open up space for those new creations you are intending. Dust, vacuum, wash, air out the space ~ negate the stagnant, refresh the smell and flush the energy. Most of the tasks are visual and methodical, I raise my vibration and systematically cleanse on an energetic level, as well. Whenever, I feel myself becoming stagnant, or the sense that the energy is heavy or thick in the house, I clean. It works out pretty good, timing wise. I clean a little bit every day, then a deep clean about once a week, same day as laundry, cat-litter, garbage, recyclables, etc.
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It is no longer a chore, now that I intend what is actually going on through my symbolism, both visually, physically and energetically, I know without a doubt that I feel good (GOD) not only while I am doing it, but afterwards as well. I feel good in my space, until I don’t and then I clean some more, simple as that. The easy mind-focus of household or yard chores not only give my brain a break, but go figure, let’s me tune into source very easily; double bonus. These are the easy correlations that are present in our physical spectrum ~ sometimes so obvious that they are easy to dismiss, even to the point where they become grumbling chores as we are actually focused elsewhere, on other problems; no wonder it doesn’t feel good. Stop in the moment and notice what is going on, not only what you are doing physically, but also what it symbolizes energetically. Look around and clean up your shop or house or space ~ notice how it feels ~ notice how it makes you feel. If it feels good, that’s a good thing, right? It is hard to disagree with some of the obvious common sense, clean is generally good. Clean is not simply dust free, clean is clear of clutter, unnecessary items that take up valuable space, within and without, as above so below. Think about that.
The home space and energy is so vital to us all, a sanctuary in which to re-energize, and relax in love and light. This must be a priority for all. If need be, take a quick break and clean up one little thing, each day. Pick things up as required, not because you ‘have to’, but rather because if you don’t it will slow down the energy, pick it up, it’s all good, truly, it is all good. And teach those members of your household, this knowledge, shine your own truth of light and love, be the model, be the source. It’s not about cleaning up after anyone ~ either materially or energetically ~ it’s about a different perspective on ‘why’ to do things, and then be the model, and then teach those in your household, by example, to mind their own energies and spaces as well. No good comes of clutter, in the space or in the mind, adjust those things you will not tolerate. Be mindful of the good energy, get addicted to the good energy, of being the good energy, everything else falls into place with ease and clarity.
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Lean towards a way to do small amounts of symbolic cleaning that would encompass an energetic cleansing at the same time, full of intentions and visual reminders, whatever makes sense and feels good to you, is good. If you find that cleaning becomes a chore ~ examine that. I realize I am being insistent on this point, please bear with me, for symbolically it is of extreme importance. It becomes part of that tool bag of physical activities you can do for immediate relief towards your Truth of what feeling good (GOD) feels like.  Cleaning is cleaning is cleaning ~ whether the visual experience, physical experience or energetic experience. What if energy worked the same way? It does, I am told. Be mindful of cleaning up any little spills in the moment they occur. What if love and light, in and of itself, was the greatest cleanser of all; dissolving bad, and a variety of words that stem from fear. What if it was as easy as being mindful of our own little bit of space and ourselves within it, the goal; feeling good, balanced within the source of who we are.
You’re carrying your coffee cup to your office, you wonder if you should go pee on the way. In mid thought, you adjust your forward movement ever so slightly and brush your elbow against the door jamb, spilling a few drops of your morning delight. Do you let this tumble you into thoughts and direction about how you are now wasting your time! Do you descend into the lower vibration of grumpy self-beater ~ your actions supporting this newly invented belief that now you are wasting your time, you set your cup down, go back to the bathroom, drop onto the toilet, go pee, wash your hands, grab an extra few squares of extra toilet paper ~ one corner moistened, to clean up your mess ~ then walk with much annoyance back to the bathroom to dispose of the toilet paper. You ‘waster of time’ ~ where did your creativity go?
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Or in fact, was the spillage of coffee a reminder from the universe to simply slow down. The irony sets in, as all you wanted to do (notice the tense of the verb) was go to your office, to sit down and relax, and get on with your happy creations. Did you just get a reminder of verb tense, for you got your wish into the future ~ it is still possible, but not in the present, not right now and right here ~ you wanted to do something ~ in a little bit. You got your wish, your intention came true. You have to realize what is really going on, and that verb tense in an intention is also noted. Back to right here and right now, hopefully you noticed the reminder, and are grateful that you were not in need of a car crash to get your attention.
What if you simply sighed, followed by a few deep breaths, allowing the awareness of the need to slow down take hold? Allowing the message, if you want to relax, be that which you want. Relax, starting now ~ relax does not have to refer only to laying full out, sprawled on a comfy bed, or in a recliner. Relaxed is a state of mind, in the moment, breathing with mindfulness, right here and right now. Be relaxed now. 
What if you just accepted, this whole episode with a nod and a knowing, and gently set your coffee cup down, wiping it with a Kleenex so as to not stain your desk. What if you took an extra nano-second to turn on your computer? What if you grabbed a second Kleenex to quickly wipe up the coffee drops on the floor? What if you made your way to the bathroom, in total awareness, thinking that by the time you get back to your desk, your computer will be warmed up. What if you decided to release all resistance within your pee, present in this vital part of flushing? What if now in the moment, as you wash your hands, you decided to add in the renewal of vital source energy and drank a glass of water, relishing the feeling of it sliding cool and clean down your throat and further? Happy to have been reminded of the ebb and flow, happy you are part of it, relaxing fully now, within each of your moments, you smile hugely at yourself, at your knowing, at your amazingness in the mirror, “Good Morning !! I got it ~ thanks, for having my back ~ muahhhhhhhh.” Which do you think allows for more creativity towards your overall intention, for your greatest good? Each moment of awareness is an opportunity to flick the switch and remind yourself of who you really are, to positively support your intention, for your greatest good and the greatest good of all, who indeed is supporting you as well, whatever you choose, matching however you choose to feel." 
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"There is so much love and light for you all, and so so so much support. You are here. You are awesome. We love you.
~ the Divine We”
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These texts do not presume to be medical advice, replace medical advice, nor advocate against it or condemn it. These texts represent solely my experiences and guidance I have received in regards to it. For those of you currently partaking in a beneficial plan put together by your medical practitioners, please continue.  If this is working well for you, that is great and wonderful.  Prior to making any changes in your current regimen, I do urge you to consult with medical professionals, as required. 
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