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Experience what it feels like,
to FEEL GREAT on a Monday

  • Learn how to harness your own Energy for your highest Good; which is your highest Joy.
  • Find out what Bliss feels like.
  • Discover how to use your body as an Indicator.
  • Learn how Energy Works in a simple easy manner.
  • With full support:
  • Universal Source Energy transmissions.
  • 10 class videos (13-30 mins) + slides for referral.
  • Emailed responses to your questions or concerns.
  • Source is Easier than you have been led to Believe.
  • It is not an intellectual endeavour.
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    Check out the Introduction; with a class sample
  • It is an hour video, so grab a glass of water, relax and let it wash over you. You will feel so relaxed.
  • Aren't you worth 1 hour of your time.
  • Transformational reminding of just wonderful you already are, right here and right now.
  • Are you ready to meet YOU ?
  • watch the video NOW.
  • Say YES to You.
37:43 minutes
the Books are on hold, at this time. The Course is the pre-requisite.
You can still read the excerpts and watch additional videos here.
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"The series of books, entitled ‘the Edge of Marbles’, encapsulates a life which was both bountiful and beautiful, even in the chaos of circumstance; which tried over and again to convince her otherwise.  Many distractions denied the truth, of who she always knew herself to be; yet ever present, as is the path, it unfolded in perfect timing with her evolution, presenting lessons and tremendous joy.  A journey recounted with candid honesty, humour and grace; a duplicatable blueprint ~ encouraging the reader to discover the truth of who they are ~ with easy to follow exercises, set within an amazing array of events, providing context for the Divine messages.  These co-creations are to be shared at this time, for the greatest good of all.  Such is the Divine We."
Book 1
Chapters and topics within: the Balance; setting the Stage, I have no right to block the Energy, Energetic Conclusions, Feel Source Energy, a look at Fear, Seeking Divine Action, Alignment, How do I remain in Source, Intention; simplified, Divine Source Flow; where is it?, the evolution of the truth of a Truth, the Speed and Ease of Source, the Observer, Vibrations and Essences, and Exercises for playing in Source.
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Excerpt from  ~  the Edge of Marbles  ~  book 2
An Evolving Truth ~ from the Master Class with the Divine We
“Another interesting point about energy, in my mind, is that it flows through you; through all the beliefs, thoughts, reactions, events, plus accumulative experiential attachments; energetic imprints that accompany you, within your sphere of awareness, at any given time.  You either cling to them or not, you either let them define your identity or not.  This translates into whether energy flows freely or as a trickle.  You are not your experiences, rather be the vessel, like a straw in the flow of source, therein you are ever topped up and ready, in each moment, for all the beauty within and without.  When we cling to all that other stuff, that has no business in the moment, we miss the moment.  That, in my opinion, is the biggest shame of all.  Remember the ... ”
Join me in my next book, as I continue to explore the energetic world around me; how it connects vibrationally to that which we are experiencing, to that which we choose to release and to that which we desire; through humour, contextual images and events, peppered with the guidance of my Divine Friends, who wish to exclaim their great love for you in your awareness of the magnificence of you.  I wish to thank you for your time and willingness to expand into who you truly are, embracing the joy, love and lightness, which is yours by divine right. 
YOU already ARE the GIFT which you seek. 
But don’t just take my word for it; join me for more easy exercises, energetic experiences and resonated truths, in the discovery of all that you are. With profound appreciation, continued awareness, and loving gratitude; expansively and exponentially, with all of our Divine friends, we are complete.

Book 2
"Born in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1965, Marianne Nana Betts, had an idyllic childhood surrounded by family, friends and animals; playing, riding ponies and skiing.  At the age of 9, when her military dad was posted to Germany, she met her mom’s family from France. The next 17 years saw her learn, cycle and travel; which inspired the artist within, becoming trilingual, the youngest CSIA level II ski instructor, at 17.  Mountains were her favourite destination; by 26, it felt like she had the world in the palm of her hand.
BOOM ~ upon her trusted steed ~ a 15 speed Peugeot ~ she suddenly, stopped herself flat with her face.  Facial metal and stitches were an indication of a Life flipped upside down and backwards.  Life was reduced to simple moments, as she re-learned, amongst other things how to count backwards from 10.  She spent the next 23 years experiencing a variety of life’s trials and tribulations, amidst the wild pristine beauty of Canada, discovering herself, within her vibrational truth."
These texts do not presume to be medical advice, replace medical advice, nor advocate against it or condemn it. These texts represent solely my experiences and guidance I have received in regards to it. For those of you currently partaking in a beneficial plan put together by your medical practitioners, please continue.  If this is working well for you, that is great and wonderful.  Prior to making any changes in your current regimen, I do urge you to consult with medical professionals, as required. 
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